Ferruh DinckalPhotographer

It’s been over 50 years since the first time I pressed the shutter button to take a photograph but only in 1980 did I started learning photography and making a conscious effort to take good photos. Though some of my photographs have been sold or used in professional projects, I still consider myself an amateur photographer as I believe that learning photography and developing myself as a photographer will continue until the end of my life.

Taking photos is therapy to me, when I focus only on the photo I will take I don’t think about anything else, just the composition of the image I will capture. Even though I use a digital camera now, I look through the viewfinder for a long time and do not press the shutter button if I don’t like the composition. Well, I still behave like I’m using a traditional camera.

Some of my photos are sold at iStock and if you would like to use my other photos, you can contact me. Tell me where you will use the photo and I will happily send it to you.

In addition to the photo albums, you may also browse my e-catalogues.

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Ferruh DinckalIT Programmer and Consultant

I met the first computer in 1988 while I was doing graphical designs. After taking network and programming courses I moved to the IT industry in 1990 where I worked on office and factory automation projects as an IT consultant until 1994.

The same year I moved to Australia where I began working with the internet. My first internet project, written in English, was a website about the Mediterranean countries and consisted of over three million words. This site was reported in the PC World, and a number of other international magazines and newspapers, and received awards

My second major project was TAOB (Turkish Australian Online Business) Directory. This project was taken into the National Library of Australia archives as it was the first digital directory of its kind. I still develop and implement IT projects on the web.

Nous Information Tehnology

Ferruh DinckalAuthor

As someone who endeavours to think, with the support of my family and friends, I started writing and therefore taking responsibility of my thoughts. Before 1994 my focus was primarily on Anatolian civilisations and collected my research in an e-book.

After 1994, I contributed regularly to a number of magazines published by Melbourne based organisations such as Turkish Community Assembly and Social Resources.


Ferruh DinckalGraphic Designer

My high school education was based on the graphic design. I developed my digital graphic design skills based on the basics of the traditional graphic design as well.

The graphic design always had a major part in my work and social life. I still enjoy developing banners, logos, brochures and books, and I designed the graphics of all the web sites I developed since 1994.

My favourite project in the recent years was to design Artist Cemil Eren’s book called "Ağış”. Working on Cemil Eren’s book of water colour paintings and lyrical stories was a true delight, and I am very proud and happy to have designed it.

I designed some logos